Besides the fine taste of the food and of a wine from the house wine cellar, a summer terrace Bonaca will feed your soul by one of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic sea. Have a dinner experiencing the amazing colors of a sunset as you have never seen, take the photos and show them to your loved ones on your return. They will want to join you next time. Have your morning cup of a coffee or have a lunch in the shade of the terrace overlooking the blue of the sea that heals.

We have prepared a rich menu of local and international dishes, from variety soups, cold and warm appetizers, different pastas and risottos to meat dishes and fish specialties, so delicious you'll taste them in your mouth a months after.

For more details, please see the tavern Ribar page since the terrace is part of the tavern, but we had to accent it because of the authentic atmosphere and the special view from it. It deserves to be called The Adriatic pearl!